Sunday, 27 January 2008

Sussex Visit

Well we got up at 5am to give us time to get dressed and do our make up and get breakfast as we were leaving around 6am'ish. Laura's nan arrived at 5.45am and had a cuppa while me and Laura ate breakfast and got shoes on.
Laura and I sat in the back, her nan drove and Nicki was in passenger seat, went to the garage for petrol and a drink each then off we went :D Both Lauras nan and her mam smoke so we were sat in the back freezing everytime they opened the windows to have a smoke. They don't smoke at the same time either, one smokes then closes their window and just as you start to warm up the other opens their window and has a smoke :( At one point we had this blue citroen saxo behind us which had 2 guys in, the one in the passenger seat was good looking the driver had big sticky out ears lol. Me and Laura looked round to see what they looked like and were commenting to each other about them then her nan kept looking at them through her rear view mirror and her mam turned round in her seat to look at them was well embarrasing lol.
Arrived safe and sound in West Sussex and dropped her nan off at her mams house and we went to Lauras friends house (Sonia and Sabrina's) and stayed there for a couple of hours. Picked up loads of baby clothes, a pram and travel cot that Sonia didnt need anymore as her kid has grown out of them now or never even wore them. Sonia has a girl who is nearly 2 years old called Sky, who had a twin but she died soon after birth as she was premature and Sabrina has a boy called Conrad who is nearly 2 years old as well they both well cute. Left there just after 1pm to go pick up her nan up and go for something to eat. We decided to go to a burger shop and get something that we could eat in the car going home to save time. We both fell asleep then got woken up by her mam and nan worrying cos they had missed the junction we needed to come off at so we came off at the next junction and headed back down so we could get on to the correct junction. As we went on to our junction these two cars that had been modified and were dead loud came speeding past and scared the shit out of her nan so she screamed and took her hands off the steering wheel so Lauras mam was getting scared and kept telling her to put her hands back on the steering wheel, Laura was pissing herself laughing and i was just too tired to even do anything lol.
We got to the M1 and were just driving along in the 3rd lane when a silver BMW wanted past so her nan pulled over so they could pass. As they passed her nan stuck her middle finger up at them and it had about 4 or 5 lads in it and they were all laughing. They pulled back and the next thing we know they are passing by us again but they all had their camera phones out this time taking pictures or recording a video of us so Laura hid under her coat and I just looked away and looked at Laura!!!
Got back to Lauras nans house about 8pm and unloaded the car and then sat and talked for about half hour before Nicki tried to call Kev to come pick us up. While we were waiting Olivia woke up so Laura went and picked her up and gave her her bottle, then I had my first hold of her and she started crying after about 5 mins so i passed her back to Laura lol.
Got back, had something to eat then started to watch house of wax but we were falling asleep so turned it off and went to sleep.
Woke up about 9.30am this morning and have stayed in our pjs all day (nothing new i know!!), went for baths then put our pjs back on and just sat on our laptops now.

Friday, 25 January 2008


I aint posted for a week how bad am i??? I aint really had my computer on this week to be honest either been busy or couldn't be bothered to go upstairs and get my laptop lol. Aint really done alot, been town a couple of times to jobcentre to sort my claim out and also been to Work Directions with Laura. Aint bitten my nails in 2 weeks now am so proud of myself cos i have little white tips and everything :D

Today we are just relaxing because going to West Sussex tomorrow morning with Laura's mam and her nan to see family and friends they have down there and have to be up mega early. Should be nice to see where she used to live and meet her friends that she always talks about. I will post again after we been down there.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Past Few Days...

Sorry I aint posted much this week but I either forget or I aint in the mood for turning my laptop on lol.
Visited Laura's Aunty and Nan on Tuesday as her mam was off work so we all went up there for a few hours. Was the first time I have seen her aunties baby who is about 4 weeks old and is called Olivia, she is well cute and seeing her is making me and Laura VERY broody lol!!! We came home and just sat and did some of her mams NVQ for her as it needs to be handed in soon, we had already started unit 1 so we finished that off and also completed unit 2. Laura painted my fingernails, not that they are very long as I bite them but never mind. I am going to try not to bite them as we both want our hair and nails done for Lauras birthday in April :)

Little Olivia

Wednesday we had to be up early as I had to go and sign then Laura had to go and see this guy at a place like the jobcentre which help her look for a job etc. Nicki dropped us in town as it was her day off again, so once we finished at jobcentre we had like an hour before we had to go and do Lauras thing so we just walked around town looking in shops. Came home and just chilled for the rest of the day as we were both shattered to do anything lol.

On Thursday we didnt get up until 12pm(ish) and just as we came downstairs and opened the curtains the post came. My step dad had sent me the USB cable for my phone and some post that had come for me up there which was mainly debts :( There was like 3 letters for Laura which when she opened were also debts so we spent the next hour on the phone calling them all up trying to sort them out, left us on a proper downer all day cos we didnt realise how much we actually owed people. Stayed in pjs all day until about 5ish and then i went for a bath so I could wash my hair and have a wash. We were sat upstairs when we heard some lads shouting outside so we jumped up to the window and Laura saw about 6 lads in hoodies running off, they had just smashed this guys windscreen who lives opposite!!! So Laura went outside to tell the guy what she saw and where they had gone, next thing we know this black car comes up (which had also just had his back window smashed in) and picks him up and they speed off with snooker cues :s They return about 10 mins later but there is like 4 of them by this time and they stand outside waiting for the police to come. Two police officers arrive and one goes across to the guys and the other comes and asks us if we saw anything. Laura did so she gave a statement and just as she was telling the officer 3 lads in hoodies walk up the boulevard and were getting a good look at who we all were. She was given an incident number in case any trouble happened after they left cos they aint very friendly round here if you report them!!! Went Tesco to do some shopping at 12.15am as we get round quicker and got back around 1.30am and went straight to bed.

Was up at 8am to get ready as we were going to see Lauras nan and aunty again. Olivia has changed loads in the last couple of days, shes still very cute and had the hickups was well funny.

Stayed for a couple of hours then started to drive home, kinda took a detour and there have been floods recently so we came across this big puddle and Nicki wasnt sure if she would make it through or not but me and Laura were like just go through it and we video clipped it on our phones :D Then went another way and went down this country road and there were loads of fields flooded loads so Laura made her mam stop so she could get out and take some pictures. Then there was another road we went down and there was a sign saying "road ahead closed" and there were cones so you couldnt get passed but guess what...Laura got out the car and moved the cone so we could get passed :D but we had to turn round again as a little bit further up the road was mega flooded, was well funny and we didnt realise there was a guy in the field near the road watching us lol. Went and saw this house that is built on stilts and just as well it is cos otherwise their house would have been flooded, they already lost their garden as it was underwater!!! Stopped just down the road so me and Laura could get out and get some pictures of this other river that had burst its bank and she needed the toilet so bad that she squatted in the corner, couldnt stop laughing cos thought she had grown out of peeing in public lol. Came home and we going to do another unit of her mams NVQ later as it needs to be handed in this weekend.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Sunday Night

We were being really lazy again yesterday cos we stayed in our pjs all day lol. Laura went for a bath after we had tea and I just browsed the internet and tuned into Summertime Radio while she was in there. They played "pump up the jam" and Laura had took her laptop in the bathroom with her so she could listen to Summertime so all i could hear was her singing along to it so i voice clipped her and sent it on msn to our friend Dan who is a dj on there. When Laura got out the bath the djs started saying something about a listener sending in voice clips of them singing and i thought they meant someone else cos it had been like an hour since i had sent the clip, Laura looked at me and said that it would be embarrasing and i just smiled and she was like " you havent have you" or words to that affect, next thing i know they are playing the clip i sent them. She started screaming saying "noooooooooooooooooo" and ran downstairs to get the phone so she could ring them up and say she wasn't speaking to them anymore and how embarrassing it was lol. she reckons she is going to get revenge on me for sending it and revenge on them for playing it live on air :s IF SHE LOVED ME THAT MUCH SHE WOULDNT GET REVENGE ON ME :D!!!!!

Nothing much has really been going on today, we went jobcentre for 9.30am as i had an appointment to see someone about changing my claim, its all changed now and i sign on wednesdays at 10.10am.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Changed our minds....

We ended up going to Laura's mate (Ben's) birthday party after all cos she couldn't keep making up excuses not to go lol. We had already been down the DVD shop and bought "Black Xmas" and "Captivity" to watch and had also been to the co-op for munchies and were sat in bed in our pjs as it was 12.30am and had just finished watching the end of Captivity. Turned off the DVD player and it came on to a program on channel 4 called "Virgin School" which made me and Laura laugh so much cos this guy was a virgin and he was with this sex teacher, she was choking his charlie and his feet were off the bed in the air shaking...we couldnt decide whether he was having an orgasm or having a fit so we sat taking the piss laughing. Then her phone rang and it was Ben asking if we would go over. We explained that we couldn't afford the taxi fair and we had to be up early this morning to go somewhere which we actually didnt lol so they offered to pay for a taxi up there and a taxi for us to get home, so we said we would go for an hour or so to keep them happy.
So here is me and Laura rushing around calling for a taxi and getting dressed and re-applying our make up :D Got to his for about 1am and there were like 9 guys there all older than us but Laura knew most of them so it was ok, we sat down and opened a drink and this guy Trevor made us apple pie and custard when we had already told him we didn't want anything to eat so we passed it to someone else. This guy Andy had Lauras and was totally hammered so he ended up dropping it all over Laura's jeans which she werent happy about and all over the floor!! It got to about 3am and someone started on Bens personal life so he asked them all to leave which they werent happy about and things started getting heated and voices raised lol so I went in the kitchen out the way :p Anyway they left so we stayed for another drink before booking a taxi to go home, got back here about 4am and went straight to bed cos we were shattered. Got woken up this morning by the cats fighting in the passage and the dogs whinging downstairs in the kitchen cos they don't like being on their own and Lauras parents had gone shopping so we got up about 11am and are still sat in our pjs now and probably will be until later when we will need to get dressed to take the DVD's back to the shop.

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Laura and I went to the jobcentre yesterday so that I could see someone about getting my claim to changed down here but nobody can see me until Monday @ 9.30am so we have to go back then. By the time we came out the jobcentre it was chucking it down with rain and we had to walk to the other side of town as I needed to go to my bank and cancel a direct debit and Laura had to go to her bank and do the same...we got soaked so instead of standing around waiting for a bus Laura paid for us to get a taxi back. Just chilled for the rest of the day and Laura cooked tea then we came upstairs and sat on our laptops for a few hours while watching tv.

We were meant to be going to Laura's mates house for his birthday party but its in St Anns which aint the safest place for two girls to be walking around alone in cos we could get shot or stabbed or something lol so we decided not to go and just watch some dvds together instead. Her mum aint feeling very well either so Laura doesnt want to go very far in case her mum needs her.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Laura and I just got back from the pub and we a lil tipsy :D

We decided this morning we couldnt actually afford to go out but then Laura decided on her own she wanted to go out then no matter how much I told her I couldnt really afford to go out she wouldnt drop it so in the end I went with her lol. We met her friends Kayleigh and Nikki and some guy in Bla Bla Bar, had one cocktail then moved on to Wetherspoons and stayed there until last bus home. The guy who was with us was seriously doing my head in cos he never shut up about weed and was trying to be funny but was more annoying than funny!! I had my phone on the table as I was expecting a txt then he lent over and took my phone and I was like give me my fucking phone back, Laura went skits at him saying she dont know you so she dnt trust you with her phone so give her it back and she was getting really stressed at him so went and stood outside. Anyway we had a laugh so it was alright in the end, we went for the last bus which was at 12.05am and we have ordered in burger and chips as we have the munchies so just waiting for that to arrive :D

Have to go jobcentre tomorrow sometime cos i need to get my claim changed to down here so i can still get my money otherwise am going to be skint :(

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lazy Day

Laura and I got up about half 10 and came downstairs, watched some tv for a couple of hours then went on PS2 and sung on Singstar for about an hour. Not that I can sing but it was a laugh lol and we beat some of our previous attempts :D

We are still sat in our pjs cos there is nobody else in and we have nobody to impress. Laura started to do her NVQ so I peeled the potatoes and carrots for tea as I am cooking us shepherds pie, if neither of us post comments after today you know why now...i poisoned us with my cooking!!! Nar should be fine I am a good little cook even if I do say so myself!!

Had no phone calls today so hopefully she has got the point and decided to leave me alone now but my number will probably still change soon.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


The officer dealing with my case rang me back at 10am this morning to ask what happened last night so I explained to him that Vikki had rung me up telling me I could run to the police all I like she aint scared of them and then her brother came on shouting abuse at me asking why I was ringing up his sister giving her grief. He said that I should ring up Vodafone and ask them to change my number today so that the calls stop but when I called them they said it could take up to 28 days to change my number now. Rang police back and explained this to him and he said he would call them and see what he could do, he rang back about 15 mins later and told me they couldn't change my number and that I would have to buy a new sim card and transfer all my contacts and call time to it. I don't see why I should have to pay for a new sim card when it is her calling me and I aint done anything wrong!!!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Phone Calls

Right well I reported Vikki again but to the police in Nottingham with me going to be down here for a couple of months now. We had a hot officer come and see me this morning (me and Laura couldn't stop drooling over him!!) to take down some details like Matts phone numbers and his address so they could contact him and ask Vikki to stop calling me but from the looks of it it has just made things worse as she keeps calling me again now hurling more abuse at me. She was saying I should get my facts straight before I go running to the police with her name because she aint scared of the police and she said her address but I didn't hear her properly lol. Well anyway I passed my mobile to Laura while I rang the police but by the time I got through to them she wanted to speak to me and Laura passed the phone back to me. Put Vikki on loudspeaker so they could hear what she was saying but she went all polite on me asking if Matt was still with me when he went down there to stay with her and I told we were because we were, we didn't split up until New Years Day so she wasn't best pleased. The next thing I know I have her brother ringing me up asking why I am ringing up his sister shouting at her, but when I tried to tell him it was her ringing me he wouldn't let me get a word in endge so I just hung up. The officer that is dealing with my case is off duty until 7am so whoever I spoke to from the police before has sent him an email letting him know I am still getting the calls and going to ask him to give me a call in the morning so I will post another blog in the morning once I find out what is going to happen next.

New Blog

Well am new to this because me and my best mate have decided to start and write blogs so we can see what the other is up to when we aint together and because we have nothing better to do lol. I will try and write everyday but I can't guarentee I will :D

Split with my boyfriend Matt on New Years Day cos he had just spent the weekend in Coventry with some girl called Vikki and cheated on me :( I had been with him for a year and two months, he had cheated on me before but cos I loved him I took him back again but not this time for definite!! I had been ringing him and texting him asking what he wanted doing with the stuff he still has at my house and i wanted the phone back I bought him that we agreed he would give me back when we split and obviously he won't give me it back now, so now I have this Vikki keep ringing me shouting abuse down the phone telling me to keep my hands off him or she will come up to Newcastle and kick my f***ing head in etc etc. Kindly asked Matt to tell her to back off and leave me alone but she still carried on ringing me so I reported her to Vodafone as she was calling off an unkown number and now they have a record of her number. I now have the police involved as the calls keep on coming and she has no right to get involved with this, at the end of the day it was mine and Matts relationship and i was just trying to sort things out. I don't want him back so she has nothing to worry about so just wish she would leave me alone.

Am now in Nottingham staying with my best mate for a while cos I need the break for a start and plus being here will help me get over him cos we have such a laugh together and it will take my mind off him!!