Saturday, 16 February 2008


I know I am getting really bad at not posting on here but I aint always on my pc these days and aint coming on just to post a blog :p
Signed on Wednesday and Laura handed in her NVQ to her college as she was meant to have finished it but she was stuck on one question and was going to do it when we got home and email her work to her tutor but she aint done it yet as think she is still stuck...either that or she just cant be bothered to do it lol. On the way back for the bus home we passed a flower stall and Laura started going on about how nobody had sent her roses this year and was gutted so she give me £2.50 and made we walk back to the flower stall and get her one lol.
I got 2 Valentines cards this year, one off this guy called Omy from Hull who I met once when I was visting my dad and the other one was off a guy called Richard who is my pen pal :D they both fancy the pants off me (what can I say, you either got it or you aint lol). Laura bugged all these guys to send her Valentines cards so she ended up getting 7 in total so far and think she is still expecting 2 more. Didn't do anything for Valentines Day this year as have nobody to love me this year :( Laura and I just spent it with each other relaxing at home watching movies. It was my Mam and Craigs wedding anniversary today and also Lauras Mam and Dads wedding anniversary!!
Yesterday we went up to Lauras nans house as we got a new telly so they were getting the one we had before. The seats in the back had to be put down so the telly and the stand could fit in the boot. I was sat right on the edge of the seat and bent over like the hunch back of notre dame so by the time we got up there I had back, leg and neck ache :( Stayed up there for a couple of hours then we had to go shopping and get back for the dogs, didnt do much for the rest of the afternoon...sat and watched Lost Boys on dvd with Laura while her mam had a couple of hours sleep. When her dad got back we walked up to the chinese for something to eat as don't think anybody could be bothered to cook lol. Laura likes this guy called Omar who works in our local co-op and he asked to see her the other day but when we went down he was too busy. He was working last night so we decided to go back down about 9.50pm to catch him when he finished work. We didnt want to seem like we were stalking him or anything so we waited on the road next to the co-op as you can see the lights from the co-op in the shop window across the road. When we saw the shutters going down we casually walked past like we had just come from a friends house and he said "hi" and we replied but carried on walking. Cos we didnt stop he shouted after us that he wasnt working anymore so we could stop and chat to him. He started talking to Laura and you could tell he was proper flirting with her and was hinting that he wanted her to go back to his with him. He tried to use the chat up line "there aint no stars in the sky tonight, they are all in your eyes" we both creased up and Laura was like is that one of your chat up lines. Well anyway they got chatting and apparently he is coming up here on Tuesday to see her not that I think he will actually turn up to be honest but he might. They said their goodbyes and he shook her hand and wouldnt let go and started dragging her towards his messing about so she grabbed my hand and said we come as a package, he said he didnt mind if we came as a package (I mean which guy wouldnt say no to 2 girls coming back to their place?!?!) As we were walking back to Lauras house there was a man and woman stood at the bottom of her street, the guy was pissed out of his head and walked up to Laura saying "oOoOo your my kinda gal" then hugged her and then came to me and hugged me and apologised lol. The woman he was with was his aunty who said he wasnt any harm he was just a bit drunk, kinda knew that as he was stumbling around and stepped on my toe :( Stood there talking to them for about 20 mins as they were funny and then he was walking off trying to flag down a taxi or to get the bus so his aunty walked after him and we came home laughing our heads off. Went upstairs about 11 and I lay and read for half hour and Laura went on her laptop, was falling asleep so put my book down and closed my eyes...Laura came off her computer about 1am then went sleep. Not doing much today I don't think apart from house work before her parents get home and thats it, watching Ant and Dec tonight :D

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Sorry I aint posted in ages...

Right, well Laura has been bugging me about not keeping my blog up to date so here it is to shut her up lol.
Aint been up to alot really just the usual, chilling, job centre, work directions and sleeping!! Lee (Laura's ex) came round on Tuesday last week to talk to her about stuff and try to sort things out but he hardly even spoke so I thought I should go upstairs out the way and he spoke a little but not much apparently. Anyway after about half an hour I came back downstairs cos Laura had txt me saying I could come back down lol. We kept having little digs at him about this Tash girl he finished Laura for, I said something like "what is it with guys and younger girls these days" because my ex had cheated on me with younger girls before and I don't think Lee was very impressed with that comment but I didn't care to be honest :D He txt her the next day or something saying he didn't know if it would be worth getting back together because he wouldn't have much time with work and cadets. He is so playing with her feelings and it is getting to her but she always puts on a hard front but I wasn't born yesterday.
Signed on on Wednesday and then when I got back I called them to see if they had changed the bank account that my money goes into. My bank account is overdrawn so if my money goes into there it means I won't have any money to spend so Laura agreed for me to get my money put into her account. They hadn't changed it even though the week before I had filled out the form to do it so I had to go back in that day to fill out the form again and this time they changed it thank god.
Didn't really do much for the rest of the week, went food shopping on Friday with Laura and her mam and think we just relaxed for the rest of the weekend. Yesterday we went out to Morrisons to grab a couple of things for tea and Laura treated us all to McDonalds then we came home and sat on laptops for most of the night (well when the internet was working we did).
Went to town today as I had to put some money in the bank for my Mam and had to get a couple of other things. Laura also had to hand out some CV's so we killed two birds with one stone. When we came back we wrote out the Valentines cards we are sending to people and watched Jeremy Kyle on tv, we both had tears in ours because this woman was on telling you how this little 13 month old boy had been physically abused by his father and had bruises all over his body but his mother did nothing about it. He was then in hospital on life support after his father had swung him by his ankles then thrown him against the wall :( Think we just relaxing for the rest of the day because its raining outside plus we have no money left lol.