Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Tattoo

This is a pic of the new tattoo i want :) Laura let me know what ya think :p

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I know I am rubbish at keeping this updated but don't really come on the computer that often anymore am too busy with Keely. Well since I last posted alot has happened so this might bore you but atleast am updating it...

It was Keely's 1st Christmas and she got spoilt rotten (not that she knew what was going on) lol. She got loads of new clothes, money, a play gym, teddies, spinning tops, baby roller, music cubes and a couple of other toys that make noises. Craig made Christmas dinner and it was lush, we blended a little bit up for Keely to try and she loved it :D She went for her third lot of injections yesterday and she screamed her head off :( but its her last lot until she is 1 now. Take her to get weighed on Monday and am dreading them telling me how much she weighs as she aint been weighed in a month with it being Christmas. So she has probably put on loads of weight because we have weaned her on to solids now with her being 4 months old (don't feel like I have had her that long!!)

The day after my 21st birthday Matt's girlfriend rang me to find out who I was and who Keely was so I told her and she wasn't best pleased. He had only told her that he had one daughter (his other one who is 2 years old) and he never told her that he had been over here to see Keely. So she finished with him for lying to her and so Matt came here shouting his mouth off saying once I went home he was going to kill me and also said he was going to call Social Services and get Keely taken off me. I called the police as I was scared for her safety and mine. After they had been and took my statement they went out looking for him so Keely, Laura and I went back round to mine and while we were sat in the sitting room someone knocked on the window so we all went upstairs and I called the police to let them know. They came to my house and asked what we had heard etc so they went and searched the area and the field behind my house for him. It happened again so I called the police again but when they came they asked why we thought it was Matt cos we never saw him but I don't speak to anyone on my street so why would they knock on my window. To get into my garden they would have had to climb over next doors fence as my gate is bolted shut, so the police basically thought we were wasting their time. They told me that I couldn't press charges as the threats weren't made directly to me so was advised to get an injunction out against him. I have since been to court and got the injunction and the second time I went Matt was also there to give his side of the story but he wasn't legally represented and accepted all the terms of the injunction. This means he isn't allowed anywhere near me or Keely and aint allowed to contact me in anyway until May 2009 when it runs out.

A couple of months ago I contacted CSA and gave them all of Matts details that I knew and they said they would contact him about money for Keely. I have since had a phone call off them saying that they contacted Matt and he has replied to them denying he is her father so we have to do DNA now to prove it. He knows for a fact he is because he is the only guy I slept with so there is no denying it. Once the results come back I am going to frame them lol, he is only putting off what he has to do in the long run so he is in for a big shock.

I have decided that I want to get a job until September then go to college to do a hairdressing course as I like doing peoples hair so why not make a living out of it!