Thursday, 6 March 2008

Monday, 3 March 2008

Going Home...

Well am heading off back to Newcastle tomorrow as my mam has fallen down a couple of stairs and done her back in so am going back to look after her!! As my step dad is out all day working and my brothers have both moved out due to jobs I am being the kind, caring daughter I am :D and agreed to go back for a while. Am going to also be clearing my brothers room as it is a shit tip and needs decorating as it aint been done since we moved in almost 4 years ago. My room needs doing as well but my room has already been decorated since we moved in so isnt in such desperate need of being done. My new colour scheme is going to me mint green and light lilac I think, at the minute it is light and dark brown so I fancy a little splash of colour :P
The jobcentre are annoying me at the minute as they have underpaid me and didnt explain why. I was on national insurance contribution based allowance but it has run out and when I last signed on they should have explained to me that I needed to change my claim to income based allowance but they never did!! So I was expecting my normal amount of money this week but when I went to the bank it was about £40 odd short and I have things I need to pay which aint going to get paid now which means I will have people after me for money!! This is the second time they have messed up my claim and it is the same woman this time as it was last time. Last time she never put it on the system that I had signed on so I didnt receive my money, everytime I go now I always watch her put it on the system. Think am going to complain about her cos she obviously doesn't know what she is doing and I bet I aint the only persons claim she has messed up!!
Laura is back with Lee and has been since sometime last week. He came over a couple of days ago to talk with her and was here for about 5 hours so they must have had alot to talk about lol. I was sat upstairs out the way for a couple of hours (cos he doesnt talk when I am around for some reason!!) then got really cold and hungry so went and sat downstairs. They aint seen each other since but have been texting loads and she might be going to stay at his for a week at the end of March when his Mum goes away!!
Will post again once I am back in Newcastle and if I get time to inbetween looking after my Mam and clearing my brothers room xx