Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hectic Week

Had a phone call saying that I am going to receive a letter off the DNA company soon about going for a test to prove Matt is the sperm donor :) they were going to try and contact him to let him know and get more details off him. He has to pay for the test which is £200, he can either pay for it there and then or it will just be added to his maintenance debt. If it comes back that he aint the sperm donor (which it wont) then he will be reimbursed the money! When we receive the letter we have to reply and if they dont hear from us in 2 weeks they will close the case and just assume that Matt is and start to take maintenance off him. When we go for the test we need to take photo ID to prove who we are then if it comes back negative I need to go and confirm whether it actually was Matt who turned up or not. Think once he finds out how much its going to cost him for the test he will just leave it and pay the back maintenance that he hasnt given yet!
Ainsley (step sister) has been causing loads of trouble the past week and keeps running away from home and not returning from school etc. Had the police out loads as people didnt know where she was and we were worried about her. She turned up at a mates the first time and didnt want to come home so she stayed there the night then went to school the next day. She had seen her social worker that afternoon and promised her she would come home that night but she never did!! Friday night she didnt come home from school again so called the police again and they went out to find her but had no luck, I called Nathan and he said he hadnt seen her either. The next day Annalise's Mam called to say that Annalise had been speaking to a mate online and they told her that Ainsley was at her mate Becca's house in the Avenues. Becca's Aunty lives across the road from me so I went there and asked for Becca's address and explained to her why, her husband took me there but by the time I got there the police had already arrived. If the policeman wasn't there I would have smacked her one for the way she has been acting!! She was determined she wasn't coming home and wanted to go back into care so they left her there for the night as a Children Support Worker was going to pick her up the next morning and bring her home to talk about things. When they got here Ainsley had a face like a smacked arse and full of make up so my Mam asked her nicely to go and take it off but she said no, Mam told her if she didn't go and take it off she would and it would be scrubbed off so away she went and took it off. When I moved away from the sitting room door to let the CSW out Ainsley got out before her and went straight out the front door as she wasn't stopping here. Craig and I went shopping and when we were walking out I saw Ainsley and Becca sitting on the bench just inside the doors and if looks could kill Craig would be six feet under. The police called just after 5pm saying they had picked Ainsley up from Asda and wanted the EDT (Emergency Duty Team) number to try and sort something out as she was still determined she wasn't coming back here. An officer turned up here and asked if Ainsley could go to Annalise's house for the night until Social Services could pick up where they left off tomorrow so Mam and Craig agreed if it was ok with Anne. Police took her there and Ann said it was ok so they came back to let us know and to collect some clean underwear for her. We will see what happens tomorrow and I will post again once I know more.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Tattoo

This is a pic of the new tattoo i want :) Laura let me know what ya think :p

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I know I am rubbish at keeping this updated but don't really come on the computer that often anymore am too busy with Keely. Well since I last posted alot has happened so this might bore you but atleast am updating it...

It was Keely's 1st Christmas and she got spoilt rotten (not that she knew what was going on) lol. She got loads of new clothes, money, a play gym, teddies, spinning tops, baby roller, music cubes and a couple of other toys that make noises. Craig made Christmas dinner and it was lush, we blended a little bit up for Keely to try and she loved it :D She went for her third lot of injections yesterday and she screamed her head off :( but its her last lot until she is 1 now. Take her to get weighed on Monday and am dreading them telling me how much she weighs as she aint been weighed in a month with it being Christmas. So she has probably put on loads of weight because we have weaned her on to solids now with her being 4 months old (don't feel like I have had her that long!!)

The day after my 21st birthday Matt's girlfriend rang me to find out who I was and who Keely was so I told her and she wasn't best pleased. He had only told her that he had one daughter (his other one who is 2 years old) and he never told her that he had been over here to see Keely. So she finished with him for lying to her and so Matt came here shouting his mouth off saying once I went home he was going to kill me and also said he was going to call Social Services and get Keely taken off me. I called the police as I was scared for her safety and mine. After they had been and took my statement they went out looking for him so Keely, Laura and I went back round to mine and while we were sat in the sitting room someone knocked on the window so we all went upstairs and I called the police to let them know. They came to my house and asked what we had heard etc so they went and searched the area and the field behind my house for him. It happened again so I called the police again but when they came they asked why we thought it was Matt cos we never saw him but I don't speak to anyone on my street so why would they knock on my window. To get into my garden they would have had to climb over next doors fence as my gate is bolted shut, so the police basically thought we were wasting their time. They told me that I couldn't press charges as the threats weren't made directly to me so was advised to get an injunction out against him. I have since been to court and got the injunction and the second time I went Matt was also there to give his side of the story but he wasn't legally represented and accepted all the terms of the injunction. This means he isn't allowed anywhere near me or Keely and aint allowed to contact me in anyway until May 2009 when it runs out.

A couple of months ago I contacted CSA and gave them all of Matts details that I knew and they said they would contact him about money for Keely. I have since had a phone call off them saying that they contacted Matt and he has replied to them denying he is her father so we have to do DNA now to prove it. He knows for a fact he is because he is the only guy I slept with so there is no denying it. Once the results come back I am going to frame them lol, he is only putting off what he has to do in the long run so he is in for a big shock.

I have decided that I want to get a job until September then go to college to do a hairdressing course as I like doing peoples hair so why not make a living out of it!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Little Porker...

Keely gets weighed every 2 weeks and she was weighed this morning...she now weighs 11lb 14oz i couldnt believe it when the woman told me lol.

We have started going to church on a Sunday morning, Keely sat scowling at the man sat behind us for the first 15 minutes of the service then fell asleep lol :D when we attend church we get a newsletter thing which i bring home so my mam can read it and she saw that there was an advent carols service last night which she thought was going to be traditional christmas carols but when we went it was just songs we didnt even know lol...i only went for something to do and cos everyone else was going otherwise i wouldnt have even considered going!!!

Keely goes for her second lot of jabs tomorrow :( i always get my mam to come with me cos i hate it when she screams so my mam holds her lol

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Long time no blog :p

Hey hey peeps thought i should update this as haven't updated in ages cos i just aint had time...

Well now i have a gorgeous baby girl called Keely who was born on 09.09.08 weighing in at 9lb 2oz. She was delivered by emergency c section as i wasnt dilating very well and she was getting distressed :( she now weighs 11lb 3oz and still as beautiful as ever :D

She was christened on 16th Nov 2008 looking cute in her christening dress. Craig made her cake and my gran iced it then my contribution towards it was the pink decoration round the top and her name and date of christening wrote on the top in pink icing :) Her godparents are my mam Jacqui, Craig, brothers Dene and Ian and my best mate Laura. Laura has come up for a week but dont want her to go home again :(

Was my 21st birthday on 18th Nov...had an Ann Summers party and had people round but a few people dropped out at the last minute so who needs enemies when i have friends like that!!! Had a great night anyway and ordered a couple of things from the brochure :p

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Scan piccies

Right well i went to Surestart and came out with loads of leaflets on pregnancy lol (good bedtime reading i guess :p) Cos we thought i was further on that what everyone else was in the room the midwife rang the doctors to see if they had any space the next day on the booking sessions so i could get my blood tests done. They did so my mam took me down to my appointment and the midwife there took my blood and filled out my maternity notes. When she took my blood i told her i didnt want to see the needle or how much blood she took out, i could hear it being sucked into the tubes and when i saw them i was nearly sick lol. She then got me to lie on the table so she could feel my belly and listen for the heartbeat....we heard the heartbeat and i got well excited :D

Next day i went for my first scan and i couldnt go to the toilet before i went in so was sat crossing my legs but when i went in she said my bladder wasnt full enough so she got me a jug of water and told me to drink it all and she would get me back in 10 mins later. I went back in and the picture was clearer so it was all good. We saw the baby and all its major organs were fine and it had all its fingers and toes which made my day...i was scared in case i had done any damage to the baby seen as i never even knew i was wouldnt open its legs so we could see what sex it was so was gutted!! The scan confirmed i was 22 weeks gone and my due date is 27th August...this means we have a month less to get everything ready seen as i am further on that what we first thought. Anyway my next scan is in 5 weeks time but need to go and see the midwife tomorrow for a check up i think so see how that goes.

Below are my scan pictures...the top one is the baby lying on its side with arms by its side, second one is with its hand to its mouth and the bottom one is it lying on its front and the white line is its spine :D

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Some News...

...a couple of days ago i dropped a sample off at the doctors as i thought i might be pregnant, was told the results would take 2-3 days to come through. I rang them up yesterday to see if they had got them back yet and they had and it confirmed that i am pregnant!!! Not sure exactly how far gone i am but was told to go to Surestart this monday coming at 10.30 and they will give me information on what to do next and hopefully set me up with my first scan and midwife. It didnt quite sink in but now it has and am kinda excited but nervous at the same time cos i wasnt expecting this but its done now :D
I aint slept with anyone else apart from Matt so i know for definite that he is the father. I was debating whether to tell him or not cos i knew how he would react and would probably cause trouble. Anyway in the end i decided he had a right to know so i called him up and told him, the reaction i got was kind of expected but still upset me so i hung up and burst into tears :( He said he wanted me to get rid otherwise he would come and kick the shit out of me and the baby!! After about 5 mins he called me back and was nice as pie apologising saying he was shocked but he doesnt want another kid etc and was telling me about work and how his parents are doing. After an hour he went and decided he would add me to MSN so we chatted on there for a bit, next thing i know i have some girl adding me asking why i was fucking with Matts head etc and how did i know for definite it was his kid, she then adds Matt to the convo and tells him she is going to smash my jaw or something cos i was bugging her (didnt even say anything to the lass!!) Came offline cos i don't need people threatening to beat me up etc!! He then kept calling the house phone and i didnt want to speak to him so my mam answered, he said something about he would report me for theft (he was on about some lasses address he had wrote down in one of my notebooks i once had at his which is now in my bedroom) I got annoyed with him keep calling so i spoke to him and asked why he was getting this girl involved cos it has nothing to do with her and i didnt need it right now. Was on phone for about 20 mins and still couldnt get it through to him that i wasnt bothered if he was in the babies life or not and wasnt expecting anything off him!! I said i was going as i was tired so he said he would speak to me some other time as we need to sort this out and wants me to meet him after he finishes work on Sunday but aint going and told him so, cos aint going just so he can beat the shit outta me and dont want to be anywhere near him right now.
I aint going to let him or anybody else spoil this for me!! I have my family and friends around me (and Laura in Nottingham lol) which is all i need so if he doesnt want to be in his babies life that is his choice. Been to Blyth today and my mam has bought me a "Pregnancy and Birth" book and a couple of pregnancy magazines so am busy reading them :D I will keep you posted on how we are doing and al post a pic of my scan when i get Laura would say HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!