Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Scan piccies

Right well i went to Surestart and came out with loads of leaflets on pregnancy lol (good bedtime reading i guess :p) Cos we thought i was further on that what everyone else was in the room the midwife rang the doctors to see if they had any space the next day on the booking sessions so i could get my blood tests done. They did so my mam took me down to my appointment and the midwife there took my blood and filled out my maternity notes. When she took my blood i told her i didnt want to see the needle or how much blood she took out, i could hear it being sucked into the tubes and when i saw them i was nearly sick lol. She then got me to lie on the table so she could feel my belly and listen for the heartbeat....we heard the heartbeat and i got well excited :D

Next day i went for my first scan and i couldnt go to the toilet before i went in so was sat crossing my legs but when i went in she said my bladder wasnt full enough so she got me a jug of water and told me to drink it all and she would get me back in 10 mins later. I went back in and the picture was clearer so it was all good. We saw the baby and all its major organs were fine and it had all its fingers and toes which made my day...i was scared in case i had done any damage to the baby seen as i never even knew i was wouldnt open its legs so we could see what sex it was so was gutted!! The scan confirmed i was 22 weeks gone and my due date is 27th August...this means we have a month less to get everything ready seen as i am further on that what we first thought. Anyway my next scan is in 5 weeks time but need to go and see the midwife tomorrow for a check up i think so see how that goes.

Below are my scan pictures...the top one is the baby lying on its side with arms by its side, second one is with its hand to its mouth and the bottom one is it lying on its front and the white line is its spine :D

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