Thursday, 20 November 2008

Long time no blog :p

Hey hey peeps thought i should update this as haven't updated in ages cos i just aint had time...

Well now i have a gorgeous baby girl called Keely who was born on 09.09.08 weighing in at 9lb 2oz. She was delivered by emergency c section as i wasnt dilating very well and she was getting distressed :( she now weighs 11lb 3oz and still as beautiful as ever :D

She was christened on 16th Nov 2008 looking cute in her christening dress. Craig made her cake and my gran iced it then my contribution towards it was the pink decoration round the top and her name and date of christening wrote on the top in pink icing :) Her godparents are my mam Jacqui, Craig, brothers Dene and Ian and my best mate Laura. Laura has come up for a week but dont want her to go home again :(

Was my 21st birthday on 18th Nov...had an Ann Summers party and had people round but a few people dropped out at the last minute so who needs enemies when i have friends like that!!! Had a great night anyway and ordered a couple of things from the brochure :p

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