Monday, 1 December 2008

Little Porker...

Keely gets weighed every 2 weeks and she was weighed this morning...she now weighs 11lb 14oz i couldnt believe it when the woman told me lol.

We have started going to church on a Sunday morning, Keely sat scowling at the man sat behind us for the first 15 minutes of the service then fell asleep lol :D when we attend church we get a newsletter thing which i bring home so my mam can read it and she saw that there was an advent carols service last night which she thought was going to be traditional christmas carols but when we went it was just songs we didnt even know lol...i only went for something to do and cos everyone else was going otherwise i wouldnt have even considered going!!!

Keely goes for her second lot of jabs tomorrow :( i always get my mam to come with me cos i hate it when she screams so my mam holds her lol

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