Thursday, 17 April 2008

Some News...

...a couple of days ago i dropped a sample off at the doctors as i thought i might be pregnant, was told the results would take 2-3 days to come through. I rang them up yesterday to see if they had got them back yet and they had and it confirmed that i am pregnant!!! Not sure exactly how far gone i am but was told to go to Surestart this monday coming at 10.30 and they will give me information on what to do next and hopefully set me up with my first scan and midwife. It didnt quite sink in but now it has and am kinda excited but nervous at the same time cos i wasnt expecting this but its done now :D
I aint slept with anyone else apart from Matt so i know for definite that he is the father. I was debating whether to tell him or not cos i knew how he would react and would probably cause trouble. Anyway in the end i decided he had a right to know so i called him up and told him, the reaction i got was kind of expected but still upset me so i hung up and burst into tears :( He said he wanted me to get rid otherwise he would come and kick the shit out of me and the baby!! After about 5 mins he called me back and was nice as pie apologising saying he was shocked but he doesnt want another kid etc and was telling me about work and how his parents are doing. After an hour he went and decided he would add me to MSN so we chatted on there for a bit, next thing i know i have some girl adding me asking why i was fucking with Matts head etc and how did i know for definite it was his kid, she then adds Matt to the convo and tells him she is going to smash my jaw or something cos i was bugging her (didnt even say anything to the lass!!) Came offline cos i don't need people threatening to beat me up etc!! He then kept calling the house phone and i didnt want to speak to him so my mam answered, he said something about he would report me for theft (he was on about some lasses address he had wrote down in one of my notebooks i once had at his which is now in my bedroom) I got annoyed with him keep calling so i spoke to him and asked why he was getting this girl involved cos it has nothing to do with her and i didnt need it right now. Was on phone for about 20 mins and still couldnt get it through to him that i wasnt bothered if he was in the babies life or not and wasnt expecting anything off him!! I said i was going as i was tired so he said he would speak to me some other time as we need to sort this out and wants me to meet him after he finishes work on Sunday but aint going and told him so, cos aint going just so he can beat the shit outta me and dont want to be anywhere near him right now.
I aint going to let him or anybody else spoil this for me!! I have my family and friends around me (and Laura in Nottingham lol) which is all i need so if he doesnt want to be in his babies life that is his choice. Been to Blyth today and my mam has bought me a "Pregnancy and Birth" book and a couple of pregnancy magazines so am busy reading them :D I will keep you posted on how we are doing and al post a pic of my scan when i get Laura would say HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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